Florida "Hurricane Warning" Services

Running from June 1st to November 30th, the Florida hurricane season has the potential to deliver severe weather in the form of extreme wind conditions and/or storm surge anywhere in the state. Since the state lies in the primary path of hurricanes traveling out of the Atlantic Ocean, preparation is paramount to protecting your property and minimizing damage in the event that severe weather strikes our area.

If a "Hurricane Warning" is issued for Lee or Collier county, we have a specific plan of action that includes alerting all our clients.

These special tasks that engage our customized efforts and possibly the involvement of outisde contractors to meet your needs. We have included a few of the tasks we have performed for others below, but we will make every effort to accommodate your specific needs.

Our Hurricane Warning Services include:

Pre-Hurricane Services

Take Interior Photos
Take Exterior Photos with Shutters
Take Photos of Exterior
Remove-Secure Lanai Furniture - Plants
Install Shutters If Needed

Post-Hurricane Services

Inspect Exterior For Wind Damage
Take Exterior Photos as Needed
Inspect Interior for Damage
Take Interior Photos as Needed
Return Lanai & Furniture Outdoors
Remove Shutters and Store

Hurricane Resources

Being away from your Florida home can be a bit scary during hurricane season.  So we present a simple list of hurricane information sites that you can use to keep track of storms.  Suncoast Home Watch Pros will provide a report and updates as needed before, and a status after any significant storm in our areas.

Florida Weather Radar-Forecast

To see the forecast, click on the arrow. (bottom-left)