Frequently Asked Questions

Are you interested in having Suncoast Home Watch Pros watch your home while you are away? Let us provide answers to some of the most common concerns & questions that you may have regarding the home watch business industry.

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FAQ - Home Watch Services

Choosing a home watch service is not to be taken lightly, Allowing a company to enter your premises requires complete confidence in your choice. Check out our list of frequently asked questions and answers shown below. We strive to give you the best experience possible. Contact us if you still have questions.

  • Do you monitor service companies such as lawn care, and pool companies while I'm not there?
  • Do we have to sign a contract?
  • How often do you visit my home?
  • Can you provide referral services if we need work done while we are not there?
  • Are you bonded, and insured?
  • Will you secure my home in case of a hurricane?
  • Why should I hire Suncoast Home Watch Pros to watch my home instead of friends or family?
  • Can I save money on my home owners insurance by using your services?
  • What areas do you serve in Southwest Florida?
  • Should we turn the water off when we leave?
  • What do we do with the hot water heater?
  • Where do we set our A/C temperature and Humidistat?
  • Do we unplug everything in the house?
  • Should we put in a whole house surge protector?
  • Should we purchase a portable Dehumidifier?
  • Should we empty the refrigerator and turn it off?
  • What about our car?
  • What about squatters or intruders?

Absolutely, and any problems will be reported directly to you.

We do not hold anyone to a contract. We bill on or about the first of the month for the prior month. We accept checks, all major credit cards, PayPal, Vemno, and CashApp.

We offer the choices of every week, or every other week. For houses, we recommend every week.

Yes, we have a list of contractors and vendors we work with and they are licensed, insured, and reliable.

Absolutely, copies are available upon request.

Yes, we make sure to secure your home before the storm, and after the storm we check it and report directly to you.

Although friends, neighbors, and family mean well, they are not trained in what to look for and may miss something crucial. Also, they are not bonded and insured. Many times an insurance claim will be denied in a vacation home unless a Home Watch Service has been hired. Also, when friends or family go on vacation, there is no one there in case of a problem.

In some cases our clients do save on their home owners insurance premium. More importantly, there are cases when a claim is denied due to the lack of a home watch service.

We service South Fort Myers, Estero, Bonita Springs, Naples, and Marco Island.

Yes, we recommend it. If you have a pool, we still suggest that you turn the water off to the house. During the summer months, the pool will fill itself with rain water. In the spring and fall when we have less rain, we will add water in the pool while doing your inspection. It is also a good idea to show your pool professional where the shutoff is so that they can also fill the pool when they are there. In addition, you might investigate having a bypass or auto fill valve installed in your pool. This gets tied into the main water line before the house shut off and will provide water to your pool year round.

Turn it off at the breaker and/or unplug it. Do not drain it. When we do your inspections, we will turn the water on and run it throughout the property which will flush the hot water tank. This also allows us to see if there are any leaks coming from the tank itself.

We recommend setting your ac to 78F. We understand that keeping electric bills low is a priority, but keeping your home cool can prevent problems later.

We recommend unplugging anything of significant value, such as tv's, computers, microwave, washer, dryer, etc.

It is recommended but not necessary. If you are going to do this, we suggest having one installed by a trained electrician. The upfront cost is high but it will save you money in the long run from having to replace any valuable electronics by protecting your whole house from surges. You can also have the power company come out and install one for a monthly fee. Please check on cost of both before doing anything and this does not guarantee that your electronic devices will be protected from a lightning strike.

Depending on your homes layout, there can be areas in the home that could potentially have higher humidity at certain times of the season. But again, it still may not be necessary.

Yes! All food should be removed. In the event of a power outage, food would rot and spoil and ice cream would melt. We recommend leaving the fridge running. It's a great place to store dry food which may bring ants if left out in the cabinets.

We recommend using a trickle charger on the car if possible to hold the batteries charge. Also, putting a large bucket of Damp Rid in the car helps greatly with the humidity and mildew.

By having a Home Watch Company it will deter anyone who thinks the home may be vacant.