Basic Home Watch Services

Whether you are building a new home or have an existing home or condo, we provide peace of mind to the absentee property owner. We serve as your eyes and ears when you are not here, giving special attention to the details you have specified about your property. We are in contact frequently with our clients, often by email, so communication lines remain open.

Each time we visit your home, we perform a home inspection that includes an extensive list of checks on both interior and exterior locations. Our goal is to be sure that any problem that occurs while you are away, does not go unnoticed, but will be reported and with your approval, corrected.

Our Basic Home Watch Services include the following:

All Doors-Windows Security
For Vandalism
Check For Mail & Forward
Smoke Detectors
All Appliances
Run Sinks, Flush Toilets
Garbage Disposal
Open Drawers/Closets for Circulation
Open & Close Garage Doors
Start Car (On Request)

Landscaping Condition
Household & Lanai Plants
Pool for Level & Operation
Add Pool Water if Needed
Remove Outside Paper, Flyers
All Plumbing
For Signs of Mold/Mildew
For Leaks
For Pest Infestation
AC/Humidistat Operation

Additional services are available.

See other services on our Add-On Residence Services page.